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Importing Data

Importing Data

If you're new to Annotab Studio or initiating a new project, start by creating your Dataset.

To add data to an existing Dataset, follow these steps:

Navigate to the Data tab.

Click on the "Add More Data" button.

Once your data is uploaded, it's ready for annotation. For a step-by-step guide on annotation, refer to Annotate.

Viewing Data Stage

Your data's current stage is displayed at the bottom left corner of its card. It's important to note that this stage is closely linked to your registered workflow.

The basic 3 statuses are:

Annotate: The data is ready for annotation

Review: The data annotation is done and was sent to review

Completed: Your data has been reviewed, approved and ready to be exported.

Filtering and Sorting Data

Efficiently manage your dataset using powerful filtering and sorting options:

Filtering: Categorize your data by stages and subsets (train, valid, test) for streamlined organization. * Sorting: Arrange your data based on date or name, both in ascending and descending orders. By default, data is sorted by date in descending order (latest -> oldest).


Dec 20, 2023

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Dec 20, 2023

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